What is eConsult?
eConsult is a web-based service developed to allow primary care physicians & nurse practitioners to submit a non-urgent, patient-specific clinical question to a specialist, using a standardized electronic form. It is an asynchronous, consultative communication between primary care physicians and specialists on a secure, web-based platform called WebClinic.

How do you access the system?
To access the system please contact us at to register and complete your account setup. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

Are there any costs or fees to use this service?
There is no cost associated with this service for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners or patients.

Is this service insured?
Yes, it is.

How long does it take t submit an eConsult request form?
Completing a request form takes a few minutes, and your medical staff can attach the relevant patient information. The eConsults Canada request form is now integrated into most primary care physician’s electronic medical records (EMRs). If you prefer, we can provide you paper Request Form Pads or you can download it from the website.

How can I submit an eConsult request form?
You can send your eConsult request online through the WebClinic portal by clicking eConsults Request button in the main menu.

Can I fax an intake form?
Yes, you can. This fax request will be integrated into the secure online platform as an eConsultation.

Can I attach a list of medications and supporting documents to the eConsult request?
Yes. you can. We use all relevant information when responding to an eConsult request.

Is this communication process secure and private?
Absolutely. All patient information exchange meets CPSA guidelines and is OIPC-approved.

How do I receive the eConsultation to review?
You will be notified by email. The answer for your patient-specific clinical question will be in your WebClinic inbox to review.

How long does it take for an eConsult response after I submit a request?
Times vary based on the request. eConsults Canada complies with the CPSA Standard of Practice guidelines for referral consultation.




What are the benefits of eConsults for my patients?
eConsults improves referral accuracy, confirms if the patient requires an in-person specialist consultation and if so, patient can receive recommendations earlier. Can reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and unnecessary travel to see a specialist. Timely advice and specialist input for managing patient care reduces wait time for specialist care and avoids unnecessary referrals.

Can I request more than one eConsult / Treatment Plan per patient per day?
Yes, provided the eConsult and/or Treatment Plan are for different diagnoses (i.e. obesity and insomnia).

Can I request a Treatment Plan?
Yes, eConsults Canada has supporting treatment plans intended for patients. Treatment plans tend to be more supplemental than information received from a specialist.

How does a patient receive their Treatment Plan?
There are two ways:

  1. The primary care physician can provide it to the patient, either at an in-person appointment or by email.
  2. The patient can access a copy through the secure Patient Portal at

How does follow up work?
The primary care physician schedules follow-up appointments with the patient.



Who are the Consulting Physicians?
They are doctors with specialization or significant subject matter expertise in different disciplines of medicine. All of our Consulting Physicians are Alberta-licensed and in good standing.

What is the Consulting Physician’s role in each eConsult?
Consulting Physicians will provide case-specific expert recommendations based on all available relevant patient information.

How do I become a Consulting Physician?
We’d love to speak with you if you are interested in becoming a Consulting Physician. Send us an email at