In addition to e-consults for specific treatment advice, you can access treatment plans for patients. These expanded e-consults,or treatment plans, are additional specialist-created resources for patient support, and a valuable growth opportunity for your clinic.

What treatment plans do we offer?
We offer treatment plans for all areas of medicine in which we do e-consults. Treatment plans are principally focused on the care of complex or chronic conditions. We currently have anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, osteoarthritis, weight management, musculoskeletal pain and post-injection MSK in our library.

Education about chronic conditions can motivate and empower people to make changes in their lives.

Our Consulting Physicians emphasize quality control and carefully review each patient file to tailor a treatment plan which meets the patient’s needs. Each treatment plan includes:

Treatment plan is expanded eConsult.

The Summary of Recommendations for the Healthcare Provider provides general and specific information based on your patient’s medical information submitted with the e-consult request.

Treatment Plans and eConsult requests are ordered from the same form; both are billable as eConsult requests under 03.01R in Alberta.