What is eConsults Canada?

Our platform follows an intuitive path for General Practitioners (GPs) to request eConsults. GPs can easily consult with specialists or physicians with extensive experience in a subject area regarding a patient’s condition. Our specialists consult on a wide and ever-growing range of medical topics and areas of medicine.

In addition to specialist eConsultations, GPs can also request expanded eConsults or treatment plans; these patient-centered information packages can help them manage their conditions at home or while waiting to see a specialist.

Our IT development team continues to confer and seek advise from the medical professionals on our advisory team to ensure our platform continues to meet medical needs and pressures.

There is no fee to use our system.

Two Easy Steps

Receive a specialist’s eConsult in two easy steps:

  1. After registration you may submit an eConsult request either by fax or through our online platform. In Alberta, GPs are eligible to bill a 03.01R code. A team of specialists and special-interest consulting physicians review each request, along with all pertinent imaging, labs or other diagnostics to prepare the e-consult response. We are currently doing e-consults in the areas of chronic pain, diabetes, opioid reduction, orthopedics, physiatry, psychiatry, sport medicine and weight management. We continue to add to our areas of expertise.

  1. Once the eConsult is completed, the report is returned to the requesting GP’s account and is available to download into the EMR. Completed eConsults can also be faxed to the clinic’s EMR to be attached to the patient’s file.

Benefits of Using eConsults

  1. Shorten communication timelines with specialists.
  2. Consulting physicians review your patient’s pertinent information before responding to your questions.
  3. Submit as many eConsults as needed to support your patient’s care.
  4. Increase the efficiency of your practice.
  5. A growing body of evidence supports the use of eConsults to increase patient satisfaction.
  6. All services are insured and come at no additional cost to the patient or your clinic.